About US
At Ozakke, we weave dreams into every stitch, turning moments into memories since our inception in 2020. Hailing from the heart of Suzhou, China, Ozakke is the brainchild of Suzhou Lezhu Trading Co., Ltd.
Our Mission
In the year 2020, a vision was born - a vision to redefine elegance and celebrate individuality. Ozakke emerged as a beacon of style, offering a curated collection of Prom dresses, Homecoming dresses, and accessories that speak to the diverse tastes of our clientele.
Ozakke is not just a brand; it's a storyteller. Each dress is meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of every milestone, be it a prom night that echoes laughter, a homecoming that embraces nostalgia, or any special occasion that deserves a touch of elegance.

Product Design

At Ozakke, we invite talented designers to use our workshops to fully visualize their designs and follow their own design processes.


Once the design has been prototyped, the product officially enters into the production chain. At this point, professional handiwork come into play. We pay special attention to details like fastening and ironing, so we can present to you a flawless design.

Quality Assurance

We carry out quality inspection of all of our products before officially introducing them to the market. We check for style, color, sizing, workmanship, and quality, etc. in order to eliminate any and all problems. We take measures to ensure that all of the cutting, sewing and ironing meet our quality requirements. There are ideal positions for each of these stages of production. Our workers follow guidebooks to ensure flawless appearance of the finalized product.


Through creative collaborations with photographers and models,we are able to capture the details of every style for you to preview before you make a purchase decision.

Customer Service

Our team of customer service professionals can communicate with you in the following languages: English and Arabic. Whether you are happy or unhappy with your purchases, we want to hear your thoughts.

Service Time: CST 9:00AM-6:00PM(Monday - Friday)
E-mail: service@ozakke.com
Phone number: +86 15727916611
Company address: Room 1022, First Floor, Building 4, No. 56 Tongyuan Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China

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